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How To Break In Your New Boots

Mar 31, 2016

Cowboy Boots

You’ve finally found the leather Western boots of your dreams. They’re distinctive, stylish and practically made for your feet – practically. The one drawback to your beautiful new cowboy kicks? Since they’re brand new, your boots are stiff as heck and nowhere near ready for the rodeo. Now what?

Whether you plan on wearing your new boots every day or want to save them for special nights out dancing, breaking them in properly will turn your investment into a comfortable indulgence for years to come. Breaking in boots can be tough so we’ve gathered a few strategies to make it easier for you to step out with confidence. Try one method or combine a few that feel right, and your boots will be perfectly paired to your feet before you know it.

Walk On!

A time-tested and 100% free method, walking around in your new boots naturally and gradually stretches the leather to the shape of your foot, and it gives you a chance to show your boots off right away! The only disadvantage is that this process can put some strain and pain on your feet until the leather starts to give. If you want to walk it out, start by wearing your new boots for short periods of time and gradually increase how long you leave them on. Wear your boots around the house, or leave an old pair in your truck that you can change into after a long day of breaking in new cowboy boots.

Heat Things Up

Can’t wait for your boots to stretch out on their own? One way to make breaking in your boots go faster is to add some steam heat. Heat will encourage your boots to reshape to the unique curves of your feet, but you don’t want to dry out the beautiful leather in the process. One of the safest ways to heat things up is to expose your new boots to steam until the leather feels soft and flexible. Once your boots are warm and supple, slip them on and wear them until the leather cools down. Wearing heat-softened boots until they’re cool will make the leather mold to your feet faster and speed up the entire breaking-in process. If you don’t have a steamer, an easy way to steam boots is to hold them over a pot of boiling water until the leather becomes pliable – just don’t drop them in!

Turn to the Pros

If you need to break in your boots to wear right away, it’s best to go pro. Professional boot cobblers have that magic touch (and specialty tools) to break in your boots instantly, by strategically stretching the leather in the exact spots your feet need it – and nowhere else. Professional boot stretching is pricier than the others options, but it’s the fastest way to break in new boots if you’re in a hurry.

Excited to try some of our tactics for breaking in boots? If we missed your favorite method for breaking in boots, let us know. Once you do break in your perfect pair of boots, don’t forget to check out Cavender’s selection of boot care accessories to keep you strutting in style!