JRC and Sons - Our Story

The Cavender's, James, Joe, Mike and Clay


How do you honor the legacy of a man with more than 50 years in the boot business?  A man who believed that going above and beyond for customers was just the right way to do things.  

James R. Cavender is our dad.  He built our family business from one little Western shop in Pittsburg, Texas to more than 85 stores across the country. He had an incredible work ethic and believed in doing things the right way.  He could spot real quality and true value in goods from a mile away.  He built real, lasting relationships with our customers, our communities and friends in the Western industry.

But he never got to build his own boot – not his way.  So, we are doing it for him.  The spirit of our dad lives in every pair of JRC & Sons boots.  We thank you for helping us carry on his legacy.

Joe, Mike & Clay Cavender


JRC and Sons Quail Head Logo

The Quail Head Logo

James R. Cavender loved to go quail hunting. He shared his love for hunting with his family, his friends, and many of his partners in the Western industry at a ranch he owned in Snyder, Texas, where quail were plentiful.  It was just another way our dad built genuine relationships with the folks that meant the most to him.