Felt Cowboy Hats

Men's Felt Western Hats

Capture the essence of classic Western style with our collection of men's felt Western hats at Cavender's. Blending timeless charm with long-lasting durability, our range of men's Western felt hats offers a diverse selection of options that effortlessly elevate your cowboy look. When you think of a quintessential cowboy, an image of a hat atop his head likely comes to mind. More often than not, that hat is crafted from durable, enduring felt — a material that speaks to both lasting quality and iconic cowboy aesthetics. Felt cowboy hats are designed to stand the test of time, exuding a million-dollar look whether worn every day or reserved for special occasions. Our assortment features top brands that embody the essence of cowboy culture, including Stetson, Resistol, Rodeo King and our classic Cavender's line.

How to Wear Men's Felt Western Hats

Seeking an all-weather essential? A black felt cowboy hat, adorned with a silver buckle or leather band, stands as a timeless choice whether worn with a chambray shirt and jeans or a graphic T-shirt and distressed denim. For added versatility, chocolate brown and silver belly styles seamlessly complement various outfits. From working cowboy-approved low crown styles to refined open crown looks and elegant bound-edge designs, practically every design is available to suit your preference. Adornments like vibrant feathers and oversized buckles bring an opulent touch that commands attention. Step into the world of Western heritage and style — shop Cavender's today for the perfect felt hat that encapsulates the spirit of the Wild West.