Work Gloves

Men's Work Gloves

Conquer every task with confidence through our collection of men's work gloves at Cavender's. Designed to deliver unmatched safety, comfort and style, our Western work gloves are made from top-quality materials, ensuring they stand the test of time while elevating your workday. Experience the fusion of functionality and style with our range of work gloves for men. Crafted to safeguard you through the toughest jobs, this everyday men's accessory is built to provide exceptional protection without any compromise. In addition to shielding you from potential cuts and abrasions, our gloves provide natural heat resistance and waterproof properties, essential features in challenging work conditions.

Work Glove Styles

Crafted from materials like cowhide, deerskin and elk skin, our gloves are a testament to quality craftsmanship. Choose from a variety of styles, including leather palmed, double palmed, split back and unlined leather options, catering to a wide range of job types and personal preferences. From welding to woodcutting and construction to auto repairs, our work gloves are more than just protective gear — they're an embodiment of classic style fused with safety. Browse our range to find the ideal Western-style protection to coordinate with the rest of your workwear. With Cavender's, you're not only investing in gloves that offer protection and safety, but also in accessories that reflect your work ethic and Western style — ensuring you're prepared for every challenge that comes your way.