Cavender's isn't just the name of our store, it’s also the name of our family. We carry hardworking western wear known for high quality and authentic style! That standard is evident in everything we do. We are grateful for the loyalty of our customers which allows us to continue supporting worthwhile organizations and events.


Cavender's Cares is our way of supporting the communities that are home to our stores through sponsorships, partnerships, merchandise and gift card donations. We encourage you to review these guidelines before submitting a request.

  1. Cavender's must have a retail store in the market of the event or organization.
  2. Requests must fall into one of two Areas of Support in order to be considered. Requests that are not within these areas of interest will not be considered.
  3. Donation requests must be made no less than 60 days prior to the event sponsorship deadline. If we are able to support the event, we will respond by email. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we are unable to respond unless we will be supporting your event.


  1. Organizations or events that support the WESTERN LIFESTYLE. This includes rodeos, bull riding events, ranching and agriculture education events.
  2. Organizations and events that work to ERADICATE CANCER and assist those who are fighting the disease. The devastating effects of cancer touch many lives, including the Cavender's family, and for this reason is a focus of our charitable giving.

We also have existing partner relationships with these organizations. Any additional support to these organizations from Cavender's will be evaluated and determined based on market and budget.


American Cancer Society Special Olympics of Texas Boot Campaign Majesty Outdoors Lone Survivor Foundation


Please do not submit requests for the following, as they do not fall within our guidelines:

  • We are unable to sponsor individuals for any purpose.
  • We are unable to sponsor individual groups, drill teams, rodeo teams.
  • We are unable to sponsor musicians, bands.