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Ariat Women’s Denim Fit Guide

Apr 11, 2024

Women's Fashion

Ariat Women's Denim Fit Guide Banner Showing Several Women's Ariat Jeans Folded Over.

Ariat Denim For Women: Buying the Perfect Fit & Style

Ariat denim has been a staple in the closets of cowgirls since Cavender’s first started carrying the line in 2011. Ariat was always known for their boots, and now they are a key performance and fashion brand for cowgirls across America. Cavender’s proudly sells Ariat jeans online and in all Cavender’s store locations.

Ariat is known as a modern, competitive and quality choice when choosing jeans. While some shoppers favor the classic and iconic pockets of other brands, we find fans of Ariat are pursuing fit, modern washes and flexibility above all else.

The important thing to know with Ariat is that you can start at either end of the spectrum and find your perfect fit. Whether you’re a cowgirl chasing unmatched stretch and performance features, or a western fashion influencer styling the latest wide leg or boyfriend fit trend, Ariat’s assortment has it all. Fall in love with their comfortable rises and experiment through the whole line of trousers, bootcut and straight leg fits.

We love to mix and match western brands but we also love to find our favorite brand and stick to it. Ariat riding jeans are perfectly paired with square toe performance riding boots, whereas Ariat trousers and fashion jeans are well suited for Ariat’s fashion booties, like the classic Dixon!

Ariat Women's Denim Jeans Fashion Moment: with a happy cowgirl girl kicking her boots in a dirt parking lot with a classic pickup truck with it headlights on at dusk,

How Do Ariat Women’s Jeans Fit?

With so many styles and rises to pick from, Ariat jeans come in a range of fits. You can count on these consistent features of Ariat women’s jeans:

  • Flexible, yet fitted through the thigh (accommodating muscular legs of hard working cowgirls!)
  • Less likely to stretch out from washing cycles in comparison to other brands
  • Consistent sizing. Order from Ariat with confidence knowing they have their sizing consistent across multiple styles
  • No chafe inseams for comfortable wear in all conditions
  • Loop lock feature that resists wear and tear from tugging on belt loops
  • Lightweight denim that is not like the rigid or heavier weight styles you may have experienced from other brands. Ariat jeans are built to move.

Ariat jeans flatter every body type, stretch in all the right places, and never sag or lose their shape.

Ariat Women's Denim Belt Loop Detail: showing a cowgirl riding her horse, smiling with her felt cowboy hat on as she starts to to rope.

Selecting The Right Rise of Ariat Jean

There are 5 rises of Ariat jeans available in different styles. Some rises are paired with certain styles to accomplish a fashionable trend forward fit, like Wide leg jeans and higher rises. Other rises are paired with classic styles built for function, like REAL denim paired with the most flattering and universal fit, the Perfect Rise.

Ariat Women's Denim Waist Rise Diagram: What is Your Rise? Finding the perfect fit.

Because fit matters, here is the range of rises in relation to a woman’s natural shape.

  • Ultra high rise sits above the small of the waist
  • High rise sits at the small of the waist
  • Perfect rise sits just below the waist
  • Mid rise sits above the hips
  • Low rise sits at the hips

While style dictates some of the available fits of women’s jeans, Ariat works hard to offer that range of fits and rises to give every denim fan an option. We recommend first trying on the Perfect or Mid rise. You can never go wrong starting with the rise that makes you feel best, then expanding to new fashionable cuts, styles and washes.

Trying on denim can be a marathon, not a sprint. Starting with a rise that gives you confidence is key to finding styles to stock your closet. At Cavender’s nothing makes us happier than guiding you to your perfect Ariat fit that you will be able to refresh every season!

Picking Your Perfect Ariat Jean Style

Now that you’ve mastered your ideal Ariat jean rise it’s time for the fun part- picking your favorite jean style!

Women's Ariat Jeans Leg Style Diagram: showing wide leg, trouser, slim trouser, flare, bootcut, relaxed straight, straight, and skinny type denim styles.

Offering wide-leg to skinny, and every practical option in between, there are so many styles from which to choose. You’ll want to pay attention to your boot choices with each denim style, as well as where you want to add volume.

Western style is made up of so many different aesthetics, all authentic to the unique cowgirl behind them. To stock a more traditional wardrobe of Ariat denim fits, we suggest a medium wash bootcut, a dark trouser and a textured or light colored straight leg jean to get your base built!

Specific fit notes of available styles are:

Wide Leg

  • Relaxed wide leg
  • Fitted at the hip with a relaxed fit through the leg
  • A relaxed fit that can be dressed up or down


  • Traditional trouser leg
  • Fitted through the hip and mid-thigh, widening before the knee
  • Available in UltraStretch denim that shapes to you
  • Plus sizes available

Slim Trouser

  • Slim trouser leg
  • Fitted through the hip and thigh, widening at the knee


  • Flares below the knee for a fashion-forward look
  • Fitted through the hip, thigh, and knee
  • Available in UltraStretch denim that shapes to you


  • Boot-cut leg stacks perfectly over boots
  • Performance denim that can be dressed up or down
  • Available in Arrow Fits that cut straight through the waist for non-curvy bodies
  • Plus sizes available

Relaxed Straight

  • Relaxed straight leg
  • High-rise waist, fitted through the hip and relaxed through the thigh and knee


  • Narrow leg that fits over boots
  • Classic tapered fit
  • Available in Arrow Fits that cut straight through the waist for non-curvy bodies
  • Plus sizes available


  • Skinny leg
  • Fitted from hip to ankle for a sleek, flattering look

Styling Ariat Women’s Cowgirl Jeans

At Cavender’s we are always working to bring you the latest denim trends and Ariat is a great partner in offering that variety. As seasons and trends change we find the following groupings to be a key guide for uses of cowgirl jeans.

Straight & Relaxed Straight (Cropped) – These fits are more fashion forward and less traditional. Be prepared to style ankle boots to casual shoes with these cropped straight leg styles. Lengths of these styles vary and you need to consider your height in relation to your booties to get the optimal fit. You want to show just a little ankle but avoid looking like you are preparing for high waters!

Straight & Relaxed Straight – For non cropped styles, straight jeans can fit over boots and provide a laid back style, perfectly paired with a cutter toe boot for a casual relaxed ‘boyfriend’ fit.

Skinny – Cowgirls know that no matter where the mainstream denim trends take us, skinny jeans are required to show off our best pairs of cowgirl boots. Skinny jeans will continue to be a staple in cowgirl closets because we’ve invested too much in boots like Ariat Casanova’s.

Bootcut – The classic is the undisputed working and riding style, as well as a core part of Ariat’s denim offering. For traditional and classic cowgirls, the bootcut jean is available in a variety of rises, washes and pocket patterns. Best paired with square toe, round and cutter toe styles.

Trouser, Slim Trouser and Flare – These styles can bring volume below (Flare), above (Trouser), or at the knee (Slim Trouser). These denim styles are great for balancing extra silhouette or patterns in your tops and pair well with snip toe boots for a sleek appearance. Ariat is known for flattering trouser fits and sophisticated lines that are a part of all corporate cowgirl attire!

Wide Leg Jeans – For a trendy, playful silhouette, these jeans are styled casually when paired with graphic tees and statement belts to draw attention to waistlines. These wide leg styles can also pair with Ariat Hilo or Cruiser Casual Shoes, a pony tail and a ballcap for cowgirl ranch style. In darker washes these can be dressed up with statement jewelry and form fitting structured tops.

Ariat Women's Denim Style Collage: One cowgirl wearing her straw cowboy hat, Ariat jeans and western boots, another wearing white trouser pants and black ankle boots.

Ariat jeans have been a staple in the Cavender’s assortment for many years, and we’ve grown the selection alongside their innovation. We work hard to make sure that we stock a range of fits that cater to all body types and let everyone find an on trend style that works for them. When it comes to Ariat denim – Fit Matters!