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How to Style Cowboy Boots

Sep 25, 2023

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How to Style Cowboy Boots

The Cowgirl's Guide to Styling Cowboy Boots

A Cowgirl’s Boot Height Style Guide by Dani Reinhart

Styling a pair of cowgirl boots and pairing it with a complimentary outfit is an art, and we’re here to help. We all have our own unique style and whether you are looking for function, comfort, style or all three, an iconic pair of cowgirl boots can elevate any outfit!

The Cowgirl's Guide to Styling Cowboy Boots

Cavender’s gave me the opportunity to go on a little boot styling-extravaganza. With that, I have put together three different looks all considering how best to wear cowboy boots. I’ve included styling details to help you select the perfect pair of boots for your next look. All my outfits are from Cavender’s and the boots I styled are directly from Cavender’s very own exclusive JRC & Sons Women’s Boots Collection.

Styling Booties For the Corporate Cowgirl

The office can require a little cowgirl finesse when it comes to finding the right blend of western fashion, comfort and style, so pairing your look with the right boots is key. Look no further than the JRC & Sons Morgan Water-Resistant Suede Snip Toe midnight black booties for your Corporate Cowgirl styling inspiration.

Booties are a timeless style that can be easily transitioned between all the seasons. In this outfit example, I wanted to keep a lighter cream palette but pull in the black of the shirt to match the black suede booties with a brown heel. Pairing a functional pair of classic black western booties with tailored pants reads classic, but yet there is a boldness to the neutral color palette with the pop of black.

The Morgan boots have that extra layer of comfort you are looking for whether you are putting in overtime at the office, or shopping with your girlfriends at the Stockyards — the comfort is unmatched!

Corporate Cowgirl 1 Corporate Cowgirl 2

From Cavender’s:

While we believe that cowgirls can style anything, Ankle boots/booties are easily styled with:

  • Bootcut Jeans: Style all types of western booties with your favorite pair of bootcut jeans. You can’t go wrong with this pairing, and it can be a helpful substitution when the shaft of a taller boot shows under a slimmer bootcut.
  • Cropped Jeans or Trousers: As shown above, this is a great style if you balance the crop of the jeans with a sleeker bootie with a narrow opening!
  • Cuffed Straight Leg Jeans: Taking a straight leg cut with a bold cuff helps to balance the wider openings of some cowgirl booties, and lets you show off great details.
  • Dresses: Don’t be shy! Booties pair with dresses too! Pick a style that allows your leg line to look as long as possible, like the Ariat Dixons.

Easy to Style Tall Cowgirl Boots

Getting ready for date night, a concert, or dinner with the girls calls for a statement outfit that is complemented by the token statement “piece.” And around these parts, it all starts with boots!

Date Night Style

I could not pass up on styling the gorgeous red JRC & Sons Nancy Goat Leather Snip 18” boots. The leather detail, comfort and red leather hue is the perfect mix to add a cowgirl “glam” element to my outfit of choice, while still bringing that timeless style. With a pair of boots like these, I am all about working my outfit around them and letting them lead my outfit. Styling bold boots with a dress, skirt, or shorts gives the perfect avenue to showcase the boots. Do not sleep on these boots, ladies – you are going to love them as much as I do, I promise!

Cowgirl Styling Pro Tip: Match your wild rag with your boots to add that extra pop of “wow” to your look!

Week to Weekend Chic

Running errands, shopping downtown, going to brunch, feeding horses, and trying to tackle everything in between?! The JRC & Sons Nancy Leather Snip Toe boots have got you covered with their classic camel neutral hue and timeless style. I gravitated towards these boots, ladies…they are gorgeous! The stitching details are showcased so well on top of the stunning cream/camel boot color…it is really an iconic boot that will last you a lifetime. You can never go wrong with neutrals for any outfit and the same applies for boots!

With the tall height of these boots, they styled well with my tapered jeans and allowed me to highlight the stitching details I loved so much! They add a timeless and traditional element to my casual week to weekend warrior look and make me look polished, even if I am running around 100 miles an hour!

I give a “10 out of 10” recommendation on the JRC’s for their comfort. I have tried MANY boots in my lifetime. When you find a brand like JRC’s and are never disappointed, you buy one in every color.

Week to Weekend Chic

From Cavender’s:

Tall boots, especially 18” styles that extend past our calves, have always been a favorite as they style easily with most cowgirl favorites, like:

Trouser or Flared Jeans: If the casual route is more your style, pairing these boots with trousers is a safe bet. The added volume will completely hide the shape of the shaft and allow you to peek out that bold red color in a beautiful, elongated leg line.

Skinny Jeans: We don’t think skinny jeans are going anywhere as cowgirl style depends on a denim fit that can show off those boots!

Dresses, Skirts & More: The best combination (and our favorite way to showcase boots!) is by pairing them with a skirt or dress. We love the way a great pair of tall cowgirl boots elevates a dress and becomes the focal point!

All in All, It’s Cowgirl Confidence

Before I sign off and start determining how to build a new closet for my expanding boot collection after this little shopping trip, remember that the most important part to any outfit is that you feel confident. Whatever your style might be, stay true to who you are, and it will shine through regardless! Until next time, eat the dessert, enjoy the sunshine, be kind and schedule your next shopping trip to Cavender’s to find those perfect pair of cowgirl boots asap!

Happy Trails – Dani Reinhart