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Celebrating National Day of the Cowboy Featuring Kade Williams

Jul 22, 2022

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Celebrating National Day of the Cowboy Featuring Kade Williams

National Day of the Cowboy Banner

Recognized the fourth Saturday of July each year, National Day of the Cowboy is a day to recognize and honor cowboys and cowgirls as hardworking symbols of America’s culture and heritage. We’re proud to have Team Cavender’s member Kade Williams explain what being a cowboy means to him to celebrate National Day of the Cowboy.

Team Cavender’s Member Kade Williams

Kade Williams, calf roper and team roper, has been a member of Team Cavender’s for 4 years now. He will join the Rodeo Team of Oklahoma State University in the Fall where he will pursue a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Kade would like to one day become a product engineer for Priefert. To Kade, Team Cavender’s is the elite of the elite. It’s made up of some of the best rodeo competitors across the country. Team Cavender’s currently has members from Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. It’s an exclusive group that Kade is honored to be a part of.

Being A Cowboy

Kade says a lot of what Team Cavender’s members talk about is how to be a good person and good friend to everyone around you. He feels that those attributes can help you in any aspect of life, not just rodeo and work (or being a cowboy). The reputation you have for yourself also depends on the people you hang around with. Just because you may be a good person but hang out with people that aren’t, that reputation follows you. Kade’s advice is to surround yourself with like-minded people so you will be respected too.

Cowboys have always been a big part of the American identity, and on July 23rd we get to celebrate them. This year, let’s all take a moment to reflect on what it means to be a cowboy in America. Whether you’re from Texas or Vermont, there’s something special about embracing the cowboy way of life. Thanks for reading, and happy National Day of the Cowboy!