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So you want to be a cowgirl? With Hailey Kinsel

Jul 22, 2020

Western Lifestyle Women's Fashion

Written By: Hailey Kinsel

Being a cowgirl means more than just the clothes we wear, the horses we ride, or the job we do.  A cowgirl is a person who upholds the values that were set before her by the original cowgirls.  Those values of integrity, loyalty, and diligence are the foundation of the breed, coupled by a sheer toughness that is coated in a thick layer of grace.

Being a cowgirl is a role we play in our families, on our properties, and in our communities.  It means being able enough to work alongside the men when needed, to being classy enough to step back and support when the time comes for that too.  It means caring for our home, land, and animals the way God blessed us to as stewards of those gifts.  It means stepping up to help those weaker than us, and having the humility to build up those who are stronger.

Being a cowgirl is about being strong enough to handle adversity.  Building up that strength is a choice that must be made every day.  As a cowgirl, you don’t shy at the hard jobs, the fresh horses, or the tough conversations.  You choose to enter each day with a strength that is God-given and human-developed.

Being a cowgirl requires bravery in every situation.  It takes courage and heart to deal with adversity, in order to make the most of it, and not get whipped by it.  It means taking over the reins even when you feel inferior, and telling yourself “I am capable” until you believe it.  Knowing it is never easy, but always worth it, and staring fear in the eyes until fear is the one scared of you.

Being a cowgirl is someone we can all be.  We all possess a little bit of cowgirl on the inside, and if or how we choose to raise up that cowgirl is up to us.  I challenge you to find your inner cowgirl, and tell her its time to put our big girl boots on and deal with it.  2020 may not be an easy one, but cowgirls have never needed easy – we cowgirls thrive on tough, because we’re made of it.