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The Best Jeans for Cowboy Boots – Your Ultimate Style Guide

Apr 24, 2024

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The Best Jeans for Cowboy Boots – Your Ultimate Style Guide

A banner displaying the text 'JEANS & BOOTS - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CHOOSING THE BEST JEANS TO WEAR WITH COWBOY BOOTS' in bold, distressed white font. Below the text, only the lower legs of a person are visible, wearing blue jeans and brown cowboy boots against a neutral background.

The Best Jeans for Cowboy Boots – Your Ultimate Style Guide

Cowboy boots, with their timeless style and rugged charm, are a staple footwear choice that transcends trends, but what are the best jeans to wear with them? When it comes to pairing them with jeans, achieving a cohesive, stylish and authentic look can seem daunting. Fear not, because Cavender’s has your western wear guide to success, no matter what your profession or style.

Today, the iconic pairing of jeans and cowboy boots is a universally recognized fashion statement and still one of the most practical ensembles to live everyday life. Is it okay to wear cowboy boots over jeans? How long should jeans be to wear with boots? What style of jeans look best with cowboy boots? We’ve got the answers to all your questions to create the perfect jeans-and-cowboy-boots combination.

A collage featuring three images showcasing men's and women's western style. On the left, a woman stands confidently, wearing a cream-colored graphic t-shirt, dark blue jeans with white stitching, and brown cowboy boots, accented with a large belt buckle. The center image focuses on the lower half of a person wearing dark blue jeans and brown cowboy boots. On the right, a man is dressed casually in a beige t-shirt and lightly washed blue jeans, topped with a baseball cap, while the lower panel shows a woman smiling and looking down, wearing a light blue denim jacket, dark blue jeans, and cowboy boots, her hand resting on her hip.

Choosing the Right Jeans

One of the first considerations in choosing the right pair of jeans is body type. For a curvy shape, you might opt for bootcut or straight-leg jeans that balance your proportions. If you are petite, high-waisted skinny, or slim-fit jeans will elongate your legs. In contrast, boyfriend or relaxed fit jeans add volume and balance to a tall and slender body type. Once you know what the most flattering is for you, find the best fit and style of boots accordingly.

A three-panel collage showcasing western wear. On the left, a close-up of dark blue jeans tucked into brown cowboy boots. The middle panel features a woman in a playful beige fringed tank top and dark blue jeans, paired with cowboy boots, striking a dynamic pose. The right panel shows a man in a blue paisley patterned western shirt, blue jeans, and brown cowboy boots, standing confidently with his hands out by his side and wearing a white cowboy hat.

As far as fit, taking a trip to your local Cavender’s to try on jeans in different sizes and cuts is a great idea. Pay careful attention to the length of your jeans, as you don’t want them to be too short or long with your cowboy boots. A good rule of thumb to follow is making sure your hemline stops at the end of your boots’ shaft. However, if you are going to be riding in these jeans, you may want them to be a little longer when standing.

The next factor for jeans is color, or wash. Dark washes are considered classic and can be dressed up or down, while light washes tend to look more casual. However, Cavender’s has many colors to explore outside of the traditional blue denim realm. For example, black jeans can really add a touch of sophistication, while fun prints will incorporate your unique personality into your style. Color will play a part in what boots you pair with your jeans, as you won’t want them to clash. Distressed jeans can also add personality, but overly ripped styles should be avoided with cowboy boots.

Types of Cowboy Boots

Not only is there a wide selection of denim to check out at Cavender’s, but we’ve got so many options for cowboy boots, too. Purchasing a new pair of cowboy boots is a big deal. You should own boots that speak to your personal style and make you feel good, whether you’re at a major function or taking care of the ranch.

An image showcasing the top view of four different styles of cowboy boot toes against a parchment-like background. From left to right: a 'Square Toe' made of a light brown textured leather with detailed stitching around the edges, a 'Snip Toe' in a polished black leather, a 'Round Toe' in a dark brown patterned leather, and a 'Punchy Toe' in a matte suede-like material with decorative stitching on top. Each style is labeled below in a rustic typeface that complements the western theme of the image.

Classic, western cowboy boots feature a tall shaft that hits mid-calf and are practical for work. They come in round toes, square toes, snip toes and more, as well as varying heel heights and sole types. A twist on these boots is the roper style, which is slightly shorter with a lower heel and round toe.

A side-by-side image showcasing men's western work attire. On the left, a close-up on the legs shows dark blue jeans over brown leather work boots with thick soles. The right side features a full-body shot of a man dressed in a khaki work shirt, blue jeans, and the same brown work boots. He is wearing a cap with a logo and is looking down while adjusting his belt, which has a large ornate buckle.

For a bolder statement that is outside the traditional look of cowboy boots, women might like ankle boots or taller knee-high boots with taller heels, bright colors and exquisite detailing. These open an entire new world of fashion in the Western lifestyle.

Style Tips and Pairing Suggestions

All in all, the best jeans for boots depend on the type of boots, the occasion for which they’re being worn and the individual preferences of the person wearing them. There are some guidelines you may want to follow.

A side-by-side image with the left side featuring a woman in a cropped floral blouse and blue denim jeans standing with one hand in her hair, portraying a casual, yet thoughtful pose. On the right side, there's a close-up of her feet showing the bottom of the jeans and brown snip toe cowgirl boots. The images depict a relaxed, yet stylish western look.

For women, skinny styles can be tucked in to draw attention to the boot itself. Boot cut, flare and wide leg cuts should be worn over the top of your cowgirl boots. Cropped jeans are ideal for ankle booties. Riding jeans are perfect for the women working or competing horseback, and they pair well with traditional cowboy boots. For a dressier look when hitting the town, try a pair of trousers with fashionable, trendy boots, or mix it up by wearing a pair of cropped wide leg jeans with a fun pair of short ankle boots. Just remember, when wearing jeans over your boots, you will want to pair that relaxed-fit denim with shorter boots that don’t go all the way up to where the jeans become tighter around your leg.

A composite image displaying four styles of women's western jeans against a textured, neutral background. From left to right: 'FLARE' jeans featuring a wide bell-bottom leg over black shoes; 'TROUSER' jeans with a wide leg and a relaxed fit over patterned shoes; 'SKINNY' jeans with a tight fit throughout, paired with embellished ankle boots; and 'STRAIGHT' jeans with a uniform leg width over classic black cowboy boots. Each style is labeled at the bottom in a rustic font, and all jeans are shown from a side view, focusing on the fit and silhouette of the denim.

The same goes for men – the outline of your boots should not be shown through your jeans. So, when styling an outfit with jeans over your cowboy boots, make sure you wear denim pants that are loose around your leg and have plenty of length to cover the entire boot shaft. For a complete work outfit, our men’s work jeans are the best complement to our western work boots. There is a range of options to choose from when it comes to men’s denim at Cavender’s from relaxed to slim fits or boot cuts to straight legs.

An image featuring three different styles of men's western jeans against a textured paper-like background. On the left, 'BOOT CUT' jeans slightly flare out over brown cowboy boots. The middle shows 'RELAXED FIT' jeans with a looser fit through the leg over distressed leather boots. On the right, 'SLIM FIT' jeans offer a tighter fit, tapering down to the ankle, paired with polished brown cowboy boots. Each jean style is labeled below in a western-style font, and all models are seen from the side, with the upper body cropped out, highlighting the jeans' fit.

Here are a few pairing suggestions from Cavender’s to get you started in the right direction.

Casual Chic – Pair dark wash boot cut jeans with square or snip toe boots, a plain, reliable tee and a classic jacket.

A side-by-side image of a woman in western attire. On the left, she stands confidently, hand on hip, wearing dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a graphic print, complete with a decorative belt and a square buckle. On the right, a close-up of her lower legs and feet shows the dark blue jeans resting atop square-toed cowboy boots in a weathered brown leather. The two images together depict a modern take on classic western style.

Dressy Western – For men, pair nice jeans with a western button-down and a cowboy hat. For women, elevate your look with black skinny jeans, colorful boots, a basic top and fun accessories.

A side-by-side image displaying a man's western-inspired outfit. On the left, a close-up of his legs shows dark denim jeans and brown ostrich leather cowboy boots. On the right, the full outfit is revealed, featuring the man standing confidently in the same jeans and boots, complemented by a crisp white shirt, a tailored sports coat in a dark weave, a large silver belt buckle, and a light-colored cowboy hat. His posture and attire convey a polished, modern cowboy look.

On The Ranch – Be prepared for anything with durable work jeans, boots made for hard-working cowboys and cowgirls, a belt and a western ball cap.

A composite image of a man dressed in casual western attire. On the left, a close-up of his lower body showcases dark blue jeans and leather square-toe western boots. The right side of the image presents the man in a full-body pose, wearing the same jeans and boots, paired with a simple white t-shirt with a logo on the chest and a trucker cap. He stands with hands tucked into his jean pockets, exuding a relaxed and confident demeanor.

Maintenance and Care Tips

When you find those jeans that you always reach for or those boots that you feel the most confident in, you’ll want to take care of them to ensure longevity. To do so, always wash jeans according to the care label. Clean and condition your cowboy boots regularly. Air drying your denim is another way to keep them in tip-top shape. Storing your boots upright with boot trees will help uphold their structure and shape.

An assortment of cowboy boot care products arranged on a paper-like textured background. The items include a large brown horsehair brush with a logo etched into the wooden handle, a tin labeled 'Scout Boot Care Mink Oil' for conditioning, a bottle of 'Scout Boot Care Instant Boot Shine' in a black container with a neutral color indication, a small white rolled-up cloth, and two bottles of 'Bick 4 Leather Conditioner' which clean, condition, polish, and protect leather. These products suggest a comprehensive boot maintenance kit.

Most importantly, remember that there are multiple ways to pair jeans and cowboy boots. You’ll want to follow these tips to look and feel authentic in our Western heritage. Different washes, cuts and jean styles will pair well with different colors and styles of boots. Explore to find what looks best on you and what you enjoy. Discover more fashion tips on how to rock Western wear. Shop for the latest trends in jeans and cowboy boots at Cavender’s. If you have questions, our team is ready to help you understand what jeans are best to wear and with which cowboy boots. Stop by your nearest Cavender’s Boot City store today!

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