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A Rhinestone Cowgirl and Her Tribute To Mom

May 5, 2022

Western Lifestyle

A Rhinestone Cowgirl and Her Tribute to Mom

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Rhinestone Cowgirl Olivia Harms pays tribute to her Mom Joni Harms in the touching video below for Mother’s Day. Olivia Harms is known around the country music scene for her newest album “Rhinestone Cowgirl.” Born to the Western Music Hall of Fame member Joni Harms, Olivia knows there’s nothing better than sharing the stage with her best friend: Her Mom. Joni Harms and her daughter Olivia, the Rhinestone Cowgirl, have been a part of the country music scene for the entirety of their lives together. In fact, Olivia emerged on the country music stage alongside her mom barely 2 days after she was born. Her mother Joni had labor induced so she wouldn’t miss her own show.

Olivia and Joni Harms Mother Daughter

Olivia & Joni Harms

“When we sing together our voices blend. It’s that born in harmony. I’m very very proud to say that’s my girl,” says Joni Harms of her daughter. “It’s an honor and a pleasure (performing with her) and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” The rhinestone cowgirl feels the same way. Olivia credits her Mom Joni for making her who she is today. “It’s amazing to me that she has this gift to put a story into a song and that it touches people so greatly. She’s always been able to share her stories and being able to see that has been such an amazing thing and inspired me to want to do music,” Olivia says. She can’t imagine what her life would be like without her mother. She also appreciates sharing all her wins in the music industry with her Mom because she knows she totally gets it. Both of these amazing women have their own successful music careers — and they still play together every chance they get. Olivia just released her second album and was recently inducted into Cowgirl Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Class of 2022. Olivia wants to keep advocating for the things that keep the Western way of life alive. Her mother Joni Harm’s music spans more than 2 decades and she’s still on tour today with the release of her 13th studio album, Lucky 13.

Deep Western Roots

This mother and daughter duo also wear cowgirl hats and boots for more than just a fashion statement. They have deep roots in the Western lifestyle since they were both raised on the Harms family century farm in Oregon. It was homesteaded by Joni’s great, great grandfather Harms in 1872. Joni says, “This place has inspired many of my songs and I think they truly represent who I am and what is important to me.” Besides playing country music day in and day out, Olivia Harms also graduated college with a degree in agriculture business management.

Harms Mother & Daughter Video

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we at Cavender’s are proud to share Olivia and Joni Harms beautiful relationship with you. In a world where we’re all so busy, we hope you have a moment to slow down and watch this video of Olivia and Joni exploring their familial relationship, musical partnership, and wonderful friendship together. It truly is touching.

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