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Black Jack Boots: Crafting Excellence in Exotic Boots Since 1996

Sep 18, 2023

Cowboy Boots

Black Jack Boots: Crafting Excellence in Exotic Boots Since 1996

Black Jack Boots: Crafting Excellence in Exotic Boots Since 1996

Walk down any boot aisle at Cavender’s, and you’ll find a wide array of brand-new styles from which to choose. There’s square toe, round toe, steel toe, and snip toe to start. Look around to see classic bovine leather, fancy embroidered and studded leather. There are also luxurious exotic skins of ostrich, caiman, pirarucu, and python. All types of cowboy boots are a staple in the West, but not all are made equally. Exotic boots, especially those made by Black Jack Boots, are made a step above the rest. Black Jack Boots is a third-generation bootmaker nestled in El Paso, a destination once known as “The Boot Capital of the World.” They are deeply rooted in Texas with an extensive knowledge of fine quality leathers, and dozens of master boot makers. Black Jack Boots continue to produce cowboy boots that Cavender’s has been proud to carry since 1999.

Black Jack Boots elegantly displayed on a carousel table, showcasing a striking contrast between sleek white and rich brown leather, highlighting their refined shine.

About Black Jack Boots

In 1996, Jerry Guerra started Black Jack Boots to continue the legacy of boot making passed down by his father and grandfather. Staying true to tradition, every pair of cowboy boots are handcrafted by experienced bootmakers, not by machines. They employ only the most skilled artisans.  Their dedicated staff has a combined 200-plus years of experience, with the most experienced employee touting 59 years alone.

The Boot Making Process

Without the aid of machines, making a single pair of cowboy boots is an extensive 160-step process. The process begins by selecting only the finest quality leathers and materials available around the world. Well-known exotic hides are included from far-out options like stingray, snapping turtle, and shark. Choosing the best materials possible is vital, as it ensures the quality of the product.

Black Jack artisan stitching a corded shaft Skilled artisan hands carefully measuring, cutting, and meticulously sewing the vamps and shafts of Black Jack Boots, showcasing precision craftsmanship in boot-making.

A few of the next steps include lining the vamps and shafts with materials like cream cow and Shenandoah calf lining for support, durability, and comfort. After hand-picking leathers, the master boot makers carefully begin the process of constructing the cowboy boots based on the design requested. The vamps, heel foxing, and linings are put together in the fitting department, then passed down to the lasting department. There every single pair of cowboy boots is hand lasted before affixing a 5″, double ribbed steel shank covered with leather and bend to create the arch support. Then the 10-iron outsole for men or 9-iron outsoles for women are added and secured by the leather welt.  The shank area is secured by an average of 64 lemon wood pegs. After the outsole is attached, a solid stacked leather heel is nailed through the inside and the outside to secure the heel for durability. Finally, the boot goes into the detailing department where they clean the boot, shape the shaft, and add the finishing touches needed.

"The boots are inspected throughout the process between all the stations, but at the end it goes through a more rigorous inspection to assure you we are sending the best quality boots in the market," says Sergio Guerra, Black Jack Boots' Sales Executive. Black Jack hand pegged boots

A Great Investment

 From hide to finish, every pair of cowboy boots are made with tradition and quality in mind at Black Jack. Purchasing a pair of their exotic boots will give you style, confidence, and comfort.  These aren’t simply boots, you’ll receive an heirloom that symbolizes long-lasting traditions of the West. “An exotic boot is a great investment for special occasions—weddings, church, concerts, and even business casual attire. Ideally, this purchase would last you many years as a staple of your wardrobe… I suggest trying a few different options on with jeans to see what fits your style best. A great fit is the most important point to consider. If your feet feel good, you feel good,” says Dylan Groce, one of Cavender’s boot buyers. Black Jack Boots are a blend of tradition and modernity, showcasing the finest quality leathers and materials. From generations of expertise and a commitment to excellence, Black Jack Boots creates unique and timeless pieces that reflect the rich heritage of Texas boot-making.

Black Jack Men's Burnished Brown Full Quill Ostrich Wide Square Toe Exotic Cowboy Boots Black Jack Men's Black Caiman Belly Wide Square Toe Exotic Cowboy Boots

Visit Cavender’s in-store and online to shop for exotic styles from Black Jack Boots. We’d be happy to assist you in finding the perfect pair you’ll enjoy for years.

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