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Must Have Summer Accessories

Jul 20, 2015

Women's Fashion

Summer is in full swing, y’all! Maybe it’s the blaring heat that gave it away…or the watermelons filling up the bins at every produce stand…or, could it be, the children that are wildly running throughout your house and staying up way past their bedtimes.

It’s clear that summertime is upon us, but have you reminded your wardrobe about that? Whether it’s a shopping spree you need or just dusting off last year’s accessories, the time is now to get properly accessorized for the summer!

There are several things to consider when picking your accessories: where you will go, what you will do, if you’ll be inside or out, or dressed up or down, etc. The trick is having the basic accessories in your arsenal. No matter what occasion comes your way, you’ll be good to go as long as you have these 5 accessory essentials!

1. Crossbody Bag – How nice is it when convenience and style pair together? Crossbody bags are a great way to add some function and fashion to your outfit while housing your necessities at the same time. Whether you’re off to work or gearing up for your favorite music festival, throw your crossbody bag on and you’ll be on your way.


2. Phone Case – These days, you’re holding an accessory in your hand at all times, so why not make it look the part? You can swap out different phone cases throughout the summer, but you want to use one that works with the rest of your outfit and your overall style.


3. Sunglasses – Glam up while protecting your eyes. Sunglasses are a super important part of your accessory arsenal this summer. Once you find the perfect pair, you simply will not be able to leave home without them! In this southern heat and sunshine, you will find sunglasses as the most useful accessory to have.


4. Jewelry – Silver, gold, turquoise, chunky, lightweight, short, dangling… so many possibilities with so few ways to go wrong. With the right jewelry, the most basic outfit can be brought to life. Choose a variety of pieces that you love and that will bring versatility into your day-to-day style. Having key pieces that will work with most of your tops and dresses will have you sailing through a stylish summer!


5. Boots – This one should be no surprise! In the Cavender’s world, cowboy boots can take you to almost any occasion in any season. Find a comfortable pair that matches your personality, and throw them on with anything from your favorite pair of shorts to your new summer dress. Bonus points if you pick up a little boot bling for your fancier gatherings!